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Tantric Massage - For Couples

A gift for your loved one with us in Basel

For couples, lovers, friends and those who you hold especially dear to your heart.

A Tantric Massage is a special kind of erotic experience that combines sexual pleasure and the heart (feelings, emotions). Different massage techniques and sensual playfulness bring to life eroticism, intense pleasure and feelings of bliss. You are lovingly and sensitively touched by us as we devote exactly the right amount of care and attention to you, thus bringing you to a place of absolute security enabling you to relax completely and drift into a state of pure indulgence as you are massaged.

Worshipping the entire body plays an essential role in the massage. All areas of your body are skilfully massaged, including the lingam and yoni (penis and vagina). We are also happy to include the anus and the prostate gland in the massage if you so wish. One of the most important aspects of the massage is to ignite your sexual energy and to disperse this powerful life force throughout your whole body.

The Tantric Massage represents a massage of the senses, and is designed to appeal to all your senses - hearing, sight, smell and taste, feelings and touch. It embodies the forces of love and worship, relaxation and tenderness, energy, desire and vitality.

It opens up all levels of perception to us, touching us deep within our bodies and also our souls.

Every massage represents an intimate personal exchange between us the givers and you the receivers, making it a wholly unique individual experience.

We can either massage you both together in the same room - this will intensify the feeling of a shared experience - or in separate rooms so that you do not distract one another. In any case, you will both be given some time after your massage to share the after-effects of the experience together alone, and to abandon yourselves fully to the sensations aroused by the experience.

It is very important beforehand to clarify your requests and any uncertainties you may have regarding the massage. Ask yourself what level of intimacy of touch you wish to experience and whether you are happy for your partner, to receive a genital massage from us.

We know from experience how intensive and sensitive a joint massage can be, and so we attach great importance to creating an atmosphere of honesty and trust in which you feel comfortable and able to enjoy the whole massage experience.

This ensures that a Tantric Massage for partners can be an unforgettable, sensual experience that can greatly enrich your love life.

Time required: You should ensure that you devote sufficient time for this gift to your love by allowing an extra 1-1.5 hours’ time in addition to the duration of the massage.

Dates in Basel / Switzerland: 0041 (0) 61 302 41 84

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