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Tantric Massage in Basel

A Tantric Massage is a special kind of erotic experience that combines sexual pleasure and the heart (feelings, emotions). Different massage techniques and sensual playfulness bring eroticism, intense pleasure and feelings of bliss to life.

You are lovingly and sensitively touched by us as we devote all our care and attention to you, thus bringing you to a place of absolute security enabling you to relax completely and drift into a state of pure indulgence as you are massaged.

We massage you using our hands and our bodies as well as warm oils, silken fabrics, feathers and soft furs.

Worshipping the entire body plays an essential role in the massage. All areas of your body are skilfully massaged, including the lingam (penis). We are happy to include the anus and the prostate gland in the massage if you so wish.

An important part of the massage is to arouse your sexual energy and to then let it radiate throughout your whole body while deliberately and skilfully holding back from immediate ejaculation.

You are free to decide whether you would like to receive your massage from a woman or a man, from Brigitta or Manu. You can also choose to have a 4-hands massage performed by us both.

Lingam massage

The lingam massage is designed to awaken your sexual desire and then to enable you to luxuriate in the joy of this sensation for as long as possible while remaining blissfully relaxed.

The combination of your conscious breathing and us stroking your body disperses waves of your sexual energy away from your genital area and sending them flowing out to all areas of your body enabling you to experience the expansive euphoria of a whole body orgasm.

Crucial to increasing the duration of your sexual arousal is learning to control your ejaculation (orgasm control): this allows you to experience your pleasure for longer and more intensely while also enabling you to attain a higher level of energy.

To do this, we use special massage techniques which loosen up the pelvic floor and make it more flexible: we help you to consciously breathe, which allows the increasing energy to spread to all areas of your body and stimulate the muscular contractions of your pelvic floor.

Our Tantric Massages help overcome troubling sexual hindrances such as Praecox (premature ejaculation) or weak erections.

Anal/Prostate massage

For many people, the anus and the pelvic floor are parts of their body that are far too under-explored. The anal area is commonly closely identified with a host of taboos, feelings of repulsion and/or guilt. This manifests itself in the form of muscular tension in the pelvic floor area and energy blockages, through to psychosomatic symptoms.

Complete trust and devotion are absolute prerequisites for intense physical and emotional experiences such as anal and prostrate massages and we approach preparation for this at an appropriately slow pace that is right for you.

With their first experience of a prostate massage, men with a sense of curiosity are blessed with the chance to experience an amazing new form of masculinity, and to expand the realm of their physical and emotional spectrum.

For men already familiar with prostate massages, they can gain access to an elevated level of intensity which increases their sexual pleasure and can help them achieve expansive whole body orgasms.

This connects with the more profound depths within our essence and leads us to feeling healed and at complete oneness with ourselves.

For a Tantric Massage with an anal/prostate massage, you should allow a time of two hours.

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