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Massage - For women

Tantric Massage in Basel

Our massage forms an act of worshipping your body and it reaches out and touches your soul. The safe haven of tranquillity and balanced relaxation that is created enables your spirit, your heart and your pleasure to join together and blossom into something wonderful.

The Tantric Massage ritual opens up a very special place for women. Blissfully set free from all expectations surrounding you, you can embark on a journey within your body which takes you deep down into the very heart of your soul.

To ensure that you feel completely safe and secure during your Tantric Massage, we combine our experience in body work with loving, sensitive touch while dedicating our full care and attention to you.

A Tantric Massage constitutes a multi-faceted yet balanced symphony of touches that emphasize the erotic. Arousing sensual items such as warm aromatic oils, silken fabrics, feathers and soft furs are used to awaken your senses and heighten their level of sensitivity. Warm tones and light suffuse the room producing a wonderful atmosphere of well-being. A complete body massage then allows you to achieve an elevated level of awareness, relaxation and enjoyment of your body as well as the ability to bring your energies into harmony. With our Yoni Massage, we take you on a journey to the centre of your femininity in an atmosphere where the attention is entirely focussed on you and your needs.

You are of course free to choose whether you would like to be massaged by a woman or a man, by Brigitta or Manu. You can also receive a 4-hand massage from us both.

We will get to know each other in a preliminary conversation where you can clarify your wishes and needs and to discuss any things you are possibly not clear on.

We take a lot of time to explain the massage to you especially if you have had little experience of Tantra or Yoni Massage; we describe how we approach our work and we discuss with you at this point on exactly how far you wish the massage to go.

Following the massage, you will have time to assimilate the experience. You can shower in peace and once you have freshened up, we are happy to have a follow-up discussion with you.


Tantra Massage for Women - Introductory massage
A whole hour devoted to sensuality and well-being.

Yoni Massage

Yoni is a word from Sanskrit and describes the entire female internal and external genital area.

The yoni is the sacred innermost centre of a woman's being. It can be a source of great sexual energy, joy of living and nourishing pleasure. It is the gateway to life, offering the chance of experiencing a profound feeling of oneness.

We are of course aware that during a Yoni Massage, you are exposing a large part of yourself and revealing the most vulnerable and personal aspect of your being. This is why we carry out your massage in a very well-protected space and in an atmosphere full of love so that you can follow the path of your yoni's sensations, set free from all expectations, preconceptions of beauty and any pressure to perform.

The Yoni Massage follows a coherent structure which at the same time allows us to adapt the massage to accommodate your particular sensitivities and any wishes or boundaries as previously discussed together with you.

This enables a Yoni Massage to take on the form of a process of sexual healing in response to previous negative experiences. A carefully focussed massage can remove any blocks to sexual pleasure, such as feelings of numbness or pain opening up a place to rediscover the positive, pleasurable potential of the yoni's sensitivity

You may simply wish to have a Yoni Massage consisting of slow light touches which give you time to sink deeper into your inner self and stroking allows you to achieve a very real and close state of connection with your body. You may also simply enjoy experiencing the diversity of touches to your yoni by drifting timelessly and aimlessly, abandoning yourself to the rich treasure of sensitivities that abound in the source of your femininity. A Yoni Massage can also be an orgasmic experience, where you ride constant waves of sexual pleasure in a fluctuating state of arousal and deep relaxation.

We always include the pelvic floor area in the Yoni Massage and help you to breathe consciously, thereby enabling you to disperse your increased energy into your whole body.

Women who know and are in close harmony with their yoni are in charge of their sexual desires and are in a position then to communicate these desires to their partner.

Pelvic floor and anal massage

For many people the pelvic floor is still an area of their body that is unexplored. It is particularly important for women to be conscious of and familiar with their pelvic floor, be it in order to experience profound levels of genital desire or for preventing incontinence, a widespread and taboo subject among women. Therefore, we use special massage techniques to loosen the pelvic floor and make it more flexible.

The anal area is commonly closely identified with a host of taboos, feelings of repulsion and/or guilt. This manifests itself in the form of muscular tension in the pelvic floor area and energy blockages, through to psychosomatic symptoms.

Complete trust and devotion are absolute prerequisites for intense physical and emotional experiences such as anal and prostrate massages and we approach preparation for this at an appropriately slow pace that is right for you.

This connects with a more profound depth within our essence and leads us to feeling healed and at complete oneness with ourselves.

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