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Massage - Wellness for him and her

Yin-Yang Massage

Yin Yang Massage is an energizing, full body massage which traces the natural flows of energy along the body’s meridians and activates them.

The massage links a multitude of different styles using, for example, elements of classic massage, acupressure, stretching, Chinese medical teaching and soft tissue massage. This produces a natural body balance based on the yin yang concept, breaking down energy blockages and reactivating the flows of energy, while stimulating the metabolism and blood circulation.

Your body becomes sensitised making you alert and alive to your perceptions. The activation of the flow of energy eases your entry into your inner world enabling you to develop your potential, transforming it into energy, creativity and a passion for life.

Esalen relaxation massage

Esalen massage features lengthening, slow, soothing strokes. The whole body is massaged using warm oils (apart from the genital area and the anus), thereby creating the sensation of your skin being lapped by sensual, therapeutic ocean waves.

This sweeps away any deep-seated tension. Soft or probing touching, stretching, rhythmic rocking, passive manipulation of the joints alongside energetic polarity balancing of the body complete the features of this massage.

You are able to enjoy the sensation of being relaxed while simultaneously experiencing a feeling of mobility and freedom.

Everyone differs in the extent to which they need to feel protected and secure. In order to accommodate these differences, we carry out the Esalen massage normally using a drape. Your body is therefore covered by a drape during the massage except for the parts of your body that we are massaging at the time. It is a feel-good massage that nobody should miss out on.

For this massage, you have the choice of being massaged by a man or woman, by Brigitta or Manu. You can of course enjoy a 4-hand massage performed by both of us.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

The Hawaiians view health in terms of free-flowing energy while sickness is seen as a result of too much tension and blocked energy.

Despite how we feel at present, we retain somewhere in our body the memory of what good health is like, when we feel free and full of happiness.

The Lomi Lomi massage nurtures and boosts this inner knowledge.

Hawaii is a small chain of islands that lie bathed in the Pacific Ocean. The massage conjures up the characteristics of the water - flowing, healing, rhythmic, soft, playful - and seduces you into a soothing sense of timeliness and deep relaxation.

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